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“Just finished 3 months with Tom. What can I say. 10 shots of my handicap, A greater understanding of the golf swing and an awful lot of fun. A great bloke with outstanding knowledge of the game. Thanks for everything”


“Had my first golf lesson with Tom, really professional and patient, really knowledgeable and makes the lesson enjoyable and fun! Definitely would recommend”


“First lesson with Tom was very informative, practical and was also great fun. The first thing he showed me was a can of athlete foot spray! I’ll let Tom explain why that was! Really knows his stuff and gets technical info across in an easy to understand way”


“Fantastic lesson from Tom today. A real thinker in terms of my skills moving forward. I’ve come away feeling positive and looking forward to getting going on my new drills. Practice makes perfect! Thanks Tom!”


“Great coach. Really knows his stuff and I’m looking forward to my next lesson. Brilliant”


“Since taking golf lessons with tom, I’ve gone from a 14 handicap with the shanks, struggling to break 90, and now I’m down to a 9 handicap In a short period of time shooting in the 70’s with no shanks. This is the result from having a great golf coach. ”


About Me

I'mTom Huttunen

Professional Golfer and Golf Coach

"I am a fully qualified AA PGA Professional with a BA Hons degree in Applied Golf Management Studies from the highly acclaimed University of Birmingham (UK). This degree is widely recognised to be at the forefront of golf education and provides a holistic approach to golf instruction and the wider golf industry.

In September 2016, I relocated to Oulton Hall Golf Academy from Mallorca where I was working as a Senior PGA Teaching Professional for 4 years.

I am a lover of learning and it is my greatest pleasure to see clients transform their golf games under my tuition!"

Teaching Philosophy 👨‍🎓

"I'm a big believer in training golfers to become skillful rather than obsessing too much over technique, especially at the beginning...

Technique can be seen as the type of vehicle in which our body allows us to arrive at a destination/end result. Skill can be seen as our ability to operate that vehicle and navigate the road. Some of us are lucky enough to own a brand new Ferrari whilst others are left with a beaten up old banger... the point being it is irrelevant which car we own if we have no idea how to drive it in the first place!

Once a golfer has developed certain skills to a decent standard then the technique/vehicle can be serviced or upgraded to allow limits to be pushed and broken! Let me help you find those pedals..."

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