Monday, 4 January 2021

The Golf Skills School

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    This user-friendly app/online learning platform gives a deep insight into my coaching philosophy.
    Learn at your own pace with simple ideas that take away the guess work and leave you with a clear and effective way to improve your game...

    Everything you need to become a more skilful golfer!

    You will find:
    ✅ How to differentiate between skill and technique
    ✅ What is crucial to hitting quality golf shots and playing your best golf
    ✅ A breakdown of the '5 Skills to Success'
    ✅ Covering/recovering 'The Basics'
    ✅ Expanding library of drills and videos showing you exactly how to develop your skills
    ✅ How to 'troubleshoot' and problem-solve whilst out on the course
    ✅ Shortgame/Putting tips and drills - coming soon
    ✅ Advice on Course Management/Strategy  - coming soon

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    About Me

    I'mTom Huttunen

    Professional Golfer and Golf Coach

    ➤ AA PGA Teaching Professional, BA (Hons)

    ➤ Over 10 years of coaching experience

    My Teaching Philosophy 👨‍🎓

    I'm a big believer in training golfers to become more skilful with a golf club before diving into technique or how the swing looks... Once presented with the basic skillsets that are needed to play good golf along with the tools to refine them, it still amazes me how quickly improvements can be made that are built to last a lifetime!


    “I have been enjoying online lessons with Tom since the first lockdown and have never felt better about my game! Such simple concepts delivered in a calm and reassuring manner... I can definitely recommend Tom to anyone looking to improve their game remotely”


    “Just finished a 3 month 'Game Changer' with Tom. What can I say. 10 shots of my handicap, A greater understanding of the golf swing and an awful lot of fun. A great bloke with outstanding knowledge of the game. Thanks for everything”


    “I was a struggling 13 Handicapper and becoming totally disillusioned with my golf. I booked a course of Lessons with Tom to work on my game throughout the winter of 2018 /2019. We worked on all aspects of my game. The combination of Trackman technology and Toms expertise transformed my game. I ended my 2019 summer season with a handicap of 9.0. More importantly I had started to enjoy the game once again. Toms expertise and coaching has re-energised my enthusiasm and vastly improved my game!”


    “Had my first golf lesson with Tom, really professional and patient, really knowledgeable and makes the lesson enjoyable and fun! Definitely would recommend”


    “Tom’s an excellent coach with a great approach - personalising drills to find something that specifically works for you instead of sticking to the same old things. Combining that with the data from trackman, and Tom’s explanation of what all the numbers actually mean and how they relate to your swing helps so much in identifying and rectifying problems. If you follow his guidance (and put in the practice ☺️) your game will definitely improve. I’d happily recommend him to anyone, and regularly do!”


    “Fantastic lesson from Tom today. A real thinker in terms of my skills moving forward. I’ve come away feeling positive and looking forward to getting going on my new drills. Practice makes perfect! Thanks Tom!”


    “Since taking golf lessons with tom, I’ve gone from a 14 handicap with the shanks, struggling to break 90, and now I’m down to a 9 handicap In a short period of time shooting in the 70’s with no shanks. This is the result of having a great golf coach. ”


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    Rothwell Lane, Oulton, Leeds LS26 8HN

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