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The Golf Skills School

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A vast learning resource at your fingertips...

This user-friendly app/online learning platform gives a deep insight into my coaching philosophy.
Learn at your own pace with simple ideas that take away the guess work and leave you with a clear and effective way to improve your game...


Everything you need to become a more skilful golfer!


You will find:

✅ How to differentiate between skill and technique

✅ What is crucial to hitting quality golf shots and playing your best golf

✅ A breakdown of the '5 Skills to Success'

✅ Covering/recovering 'The Basics'

✅ Expanding library of drills and videos showing you exactly how to develop your skills

✅ How to 'troubleshoot' and problem-solve whilst out on the course

✅ Shortgame/Putting tips and drills - coming soon

✅ Advice on Course Management/Strategy  - coming soon


Get FREE access to 'The Golf Skills School' (normally £30) when you sign up to any Online Lessons or when you purchase a package of lessons


Lifetime Access - £30 

👇 Check out one of the drills here 👇

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