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"Simple and effective advice backed up by the latest in golf coaching technology. No matter if you are a complete beginner, an aspiring tour pro or somewhere in between, Tom will be sure to take your game to the next level!"

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What I do

Is this you?

"I just can't seem to get rid of this slice!"

"How does everybody else seem to hit it so far?"

"I just lack consistency!"

"I don't want to embarrass myself..."

"If only I could putt!"

"I want to learn the right way from the outset..."

"I've gotten myself lost with youtube tips!"

"I just need some quality advice on how to get better..."

Then let me help you!

✅ I have over 10 years of coaching experience improving people's abilities and enjoyment of the game

✅ I will use language that you understand to give you the most effective and concise solution to improve your golf as quickly as possible

✅ All breakthroughs will be backed up by the latest there is to offer in golf coaching technology

✅ You will receive your own personalised library of drills and lesson notes to look back on and provide that peace of mind that you know exactly what it is you need to be doing

Lesson Options

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Studio Lessons

Get to the bottom of any issues and watch as they disappear!

Join me at the academy's driving range where I will guide you through the simplest and most effective ways to improve your technique
All breakthroughs will be backed up by the latest in golf coaching technology with nothing left to guesswork...

You can expect:
✅ Simple explanation of faults
✅ Immediately actionable drills and methods to improve
✅ Trackman ball and club analysis providing pinpoint data for every shot
✅ Slow-motion video analysis
✅ 3D biofeedback where required
✅ Detailed lesson notes and videos to view at your convenience in your own private CoachNow training space

On-Course Lessons

Pick the mind of the Pro and learn all the tricks of the trade out on the golf course!

❓ Do you hit it well on the range but struggle to transfer your good shots to the course?
❓ Need to learn how to avoid simple mistakes that are costing you shots?

On-course lessons are a crucial part to playing better golf, afterall, this is where the magic needs to happen!
Here at Oulton Hall we have access to a fantastic golf course with 27 holes allowing us to work through every situation you can imagine...

You can expect:
✅ Simple course-management ideas to lower your scores
✅ Pre/post shot routines to get your mind in the right place to play well
✅ Picking the right shot around the greens
✅ How to deal with awkward positions and hanging lies
✅ All tips and ideas will be backed up to view at your convenience in your own private CoachNow training space

Short Game & Putting

Learn how to roll that rock and save shots around the greens!

Join me at the academy's dedicated short game area where I will teach you all the tricks and strategies you need to master those shots around the green
The short game is widely considered the easiest and fastest way to make gains in your performance... are you losing out?

You can expect:
✅ Simple explanation of faults
✅ Immediately actionable drills and methods to improve
✅ Breakdown of putting skills (Green-reading, Start-line, Distance control)
✅ Chipping, Pitching & Bunkers
✅ Slow-motion video analysis
✅ Detailed lesson notes and videos to view at your convenience in your own private CoachNow training space

Group Lessons

Join like-minded golfers for a creative and sociable way to improve your golf!

Here we focus on 'Skill-Based Training' and put all the theory from The Golf Skills School into practice

✅ Commit to practice on a regular basis with unlimited balls
✅ Weekly themes/focus points to work on all areas of the game
✅ Fun and games with a weekly competition/leaderboard
✅ Discounted rates on individual lessons
✅ Receive full access to 'The Golf Skills School' online learning platform

All for just £59 per block of 5 sessions
(*to be taken over a 6-week period)


Mondays 1-2pm 
Mondays 7-8pm 
Mondays 8-9pm 
Tuesdays 6-7pm 
Tuesdays 7-8pm 
Tuesdays 8-9pm 
Wednesdays 7-8pm 
Wednesdays 8-9pm 
Thursdays 1-2pm

LIMITED PLACES - Please contact for current availability

Online Lessons

Get help with your game from a distance via the CoachNow app:

1️⃣ Choose between a 'One-time Analysis' or a Monthly Subscription
2️⃣ Upload videos of your swings to your own private CoachNow account
3️⃣ Receive simple and effective advice within 24 hours

🎥 One-time Analysis - £10
✅ Post a video of your swing to receive a detailed analysis along with tips for improvement within 24 hours

📅 Monthly Subscription - £30 p/mo.
(cancel at any time)
✅ Initial consultation via video/phone call to discuss needs
✅ Upload upto 4 swing videos per month for analysis and feedback
✅ Monthly follow up calls to monitor progress

Upon payment you will be directed to instructions on how to access your CoachNow account and start uploading your videos

Golf Skills School

A vast learning resource at your fingertips!

This app/online learning platform will teach you everything you need to know in order to become a more skilfull golfer
Learn at your own pace with simple ideas that take away the guess work and leave you with a clear and effective way to improve your game...

You will discover:
✅ How to differentiate between form and function 
✅ What is crucial to the hitting of good golf shots?
✅ A breakdown of the skills required to play your best golf
✅ Covering/recovering 'The Basics'
✅ 'Skill-based Training' explained
✅ Library of drills and tips showing you how to develop your skills
✅ How to 'troubleshoot' and problem-solve whilst out on the course
✅ Shortgame/Putting tips and drills
✅ Advice on Course Management/Strategy 
✅ Monthly challenges with prizes up for grabs!

Coming soon...

About Me

I'mTom Huttunen

Professional Golfer and Golf Coach

➤ Class AA PGA Teaching Professional

➤ 10 years of coaching experience

My Teaching Philosophy 👨‍🎓

I'm a big believer in training golfers how to become more skillful rather than obsessing too much over technique or how the swing looks... Once a player is presented with the basic skillsets that are needed to play good golf and a clear understanding of how to train them it still amazes me how quickly improvements can be made that are built to last!

Check out 'The Golf Skills School' for more information


“Just finished 3 months with Tom. What can I say. 10 shots of my handicap, A greater understanding of the golf swing and an awful lot of fun. A great bloke with outstanding knowledge of the game. Thanks for everything”


“I was a struggling 13 Handicapper and becoming totally disillusioned with my golf. I booked a course of Lessons with Tom to work on my game throughout the winter of 2018 /2019. We worked on all aspects of my game. The combination of Trackman technology and Toms expertise transformed my game. I ended my 2019 summer season with a handicap of 9.0. More importantly I had started to enjoy the game once again. Toms expertise and coaching has re-energised my enthusiasm and vastly improved my game!”


“Had my first golf lesson with Tom, really professional and patient, really knowledgeable and makes the lesson enjoyable and fun! Definitely would recommend”


“First lesson with Tom was very informative, practical and was also great fun. The first thing he showed me was a can of athlete foot spray! I’ll let Tom explain why that was! Really knows his stuff and gets technical info across in an easy to understand way”


“Tom’s an excellent coach with a great approach - personalising drills to find something that specifically works for you instead of sticking to the same old things. Combining that with the data from trackman, and Tom’s explanation of what all the numbers actually mean and how they relate to your swing helps so much in identifying and rectifying problems. If you follow his guidance (and put in the practice ☺️) your game will definitely improve. I’d happily recommend him to anyone, and regularly do!”


“Fantastic lesson from Tom today. A real thinker in terms of my skills moving forward. I’ve come away feeling positive and looking forward to getting going on my new drills. Practice makes perfect! Thanks Tom!”


“Great coach. Really knows his stuff and I’m looking forward to my next lesson. Brilliant”


“Since taking golf lessons with tom, I’ve gone from a 14 handicap with the shanks, struggling to break 90, and now I’m down to a 9 handicap In a short period of time shooting in the 70’s with no shanks. This is the result from having a great golf coach. ”


Get in touch!


Oulton Hall Golf Academy

Rothwell Lane, Oulton, Leeds LS26 8HN

Phone number

07393 351 211